Power Connection


 On January 5, 1971 Lisa was born in Trinidad, West Indies. She was blessed to be raised in a minister’s home where she learned the ways of the Lord. Her parents are Dr. & Mrs. Selvon Seebran and she has two brothers, Timmy and Steve.

At age 3, standing at her mother’s piano, she sang her first solo “How Great Thou Art.” It was then her parents realized that God had given her the gift of singing. At Age 4, Lisa and her brothers moved to America with their parents. She was raised in a small southern town called Patterson, Ga. She grew up singing in churches and mission fields all over the world. She also recalls how being a "Preacher's Kid" had its ups and downs but this gave her a deeper understanding of ministry and an impacting spiritual heritage. As Lisa became an adult, she realized the power of “worship” and being “anointed,” and how important it is to have a spiritual covering and mentors. Her parents were just that. She remembers being awakened in the middle of the night by her parents laying hands on her and anointing her with oil, “I remember oil being all over my face.” She remembers the all night prayer meetings at her father’s church. It was there she received the Holy Spirit at age 15. The prayers of her parents paid off simply because she is known, not just for her strong vocal abilities, but for her humility, anointed singing and song writing.

In 1994, Lisa moved to Cleveland, TN and enrolled at Lee University. She is a Lee University Alumnus with a B.S. in Christian Education. While at Lee, she sang with campus groups such as: Campus Choir, Power Unlimited and The Evangelistics. Lisa was a featured soloist in all groups. Her Lee days also gave her the opportunity to sing with worship leaders such as Ron Kenoly and Alvin Slaughter. After spending years of writing, finally in 2005, she released: "Moment of Destiny." This would be the first solo project containing all of her own original songs. The new project also gave her the opportunity to work with producer Mark G. Townsend from Lakewood Church and members of New Breed. Lisa has also made guest appearances on INSP and International Trinity Broadcasting Network.

In 1997, Lisa married Evangelist Tracy Stone. In 2001, she was a full-time music pastor. Lisa traveled with Power Connection Ministries until October 2006 when she and Tracy moved to Houston, Texas, for Tracy to Pastor at Praise Chapel. In August of 2009, the Stones welcomed their first child: Tracy Harold Stone, Jr. (TJ). Now, Lisa serves alongside her husband, Tracy, as worship pastor at Griffin Center Point Church in Griffin, GA.

“Having gifts and talents will not break the yoke, but it is truly through the anointing of the Holy Spirit that makes the difference and sets the captive free.”